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Top 10 App Store Optimization Companies in 2013

Apr 11,2013 by Admin


"...blaming the app stores for poor discoverability is a little like blaming Google for not putting your site on the first page of results -- getting found is the responsibility of the publisher, and is as much a part of the entrepreneurial game as building a great product." - Chris Devore

According to Nielson, over half of all smartphone consumers discover apps only through the app store. That's a really BIG problem and raises the question - how do developers get their apps to standout when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of competing apps? Most consumers lack the time to compare hundreds of potential apps so it becomes even more important for developers to optimize their apps for in-store search. If you aren't familiar with ASO it's a pretty straightforward concept:

"App Store Optimisation is the practice of optimising various elements of your app submission (i.e. title, keywords, description) in order to maximise your app’s visibility in app store searches."  - MobyAffiliates

As expected, it's quite difficult to rank for competitive keywords. According to Apptrace, almost half of all apps are zombies (apps that have never been downloaded) and take up precious space. Hundreds of ASO companies have popped up in the last year offering ASO services to developers. That being said - it's difficult to evaluate and choose the right company for you. In a followup to Richard's excellent post on the top 50 mobile ad networks I have compiled a similar post on the top 10 app store optimization companies in 2013 that each has enough PR, reviews, and visibility for me to comfortably recommend them.

So without further ado here are the top 10 app store optimization companies:

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 5.47.02 PM




What they say: "Discover what apps are fighting for attention and sales so you can rise above the pack. Buyers often find new apps by browsing – make yours easier to find. We’ll recommend how your name should appear in the app stores to be found more easily by customers. Ensure your app is found by more customers looking for what you offer. Get a description that grabs users’ attention and helps convince them to buy your app."




What they say: Perform App Store SEO, track your competitors, check out popular keywords, dispense your apps' promo codes effectively.




What they say: "Finding the right keywords requires more than just keyword rankings. It requires understanding your potential customers, what terms they are using, and which will result in a download. appnique's proprietary scoring algorithms are one of a kind for the mobile app industry. We are dedicated to finding the perfect keyword and terms scoring to drive app downloads. Put our sophisticated data analytics to work for you."

ASO Professional



What they say: "Competitive research. Analysis of keywords and suggestion. Keyword Research and Optimization. Description Analysis and Optimization. SEO Analysis. Your Social Media Strategy. Icon and Screenshot Analysis, suggestion." 

App Promo



What they say: "Improve search results and immediate app comprehension within app store lists with an optimized name. Take advantage of app ranking opportunities through our category and sub-category recommendations. Improve brand recall and rapid app comprehension and increase conversion with icon & screenshots suggestions. Increase salability and improve search discovery with a SEO focused Product Description.




What they say: "App Slicker is Mobile App Marketing Agency offering the following services:: App Marketing, App Promotion, App Store Optimisation, App Store SEO, iPhone, iPad and Android App Marketing. Based in London our in house team are here to put together a winning app promotion strategy that will increase downloads and propel you to the top of the app stores." 

AppStore Rankings



What they say: "App Store Rankings provides the most accurate app position tracking ever created. Track your app's individual keyword rankings, view your history and more. Master ASO with our easy to use tools and catapult your App's rankings. Get up to date alerts on your app's position both for individual keywords and in the Featured and Top 1000 list. Get notified immediately if your rankings change, whether it is because there is a new competitor in your space or if your app got featured. Let our Optimize Keywords tool improve the efficiency of your keywords without spending a fortune on mobile marketing. Remember that you only get 100 characters for your keywords in the app store, so let us help you make every one of them count!"


Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 4.53.55 PM


What they say: "Video is the next best thing to trying your app. A page on mobile stores with some screenshots and text is not enough to promote your app and quickly show what it is really about.Potential users watching a good demo video is the best thing next to actually trying your app. You put love and energy into building a great app. We care about your app and your success and want to show your app in its best light so you can convert visitors into users."




What they say: "Search Rankings will help you stay ahead of your competition by tracking how your app ranks for its keywords in the app store. Monitor your app store presence to ensure you’re reaching your optimal market. If we find anything to improve, we’ll tell you! Our data will provide the best keywords for you based on relevance, search volume, and difficulty. We track over 400,000 searches representing almost 50,000,000 results. This unique dataset, plus our sophisticated algorithms, provide you with recommendations unavailable elsewhere."

SearchMan SEO



What they say: "Data-driven Keyword Fixes in < 30 seconds. Track Search Visibility of Your App vs. Competitors. Globalize Instantly, Save Time, Save Ad Budgets. Up & Running Fast…Faster Than A Speeding Bullet."


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