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Industry Leading Transparency Means More Money for Your Apps

By combining the reach of a mobile ad network with the transparency of direct deals, AppFlood enables the highest eCPMs for publishers and greatest ROI for advertisers.

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The “Open Direct Deal Network” gives you complete visibility on every app connected to the network.

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Choose the Best Performing Apps

300X250-2013-07-12-2See how well your app performs with other apps on AppFlood then choose the ones that deliver the best results.

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Setup Direct Deals


If you need better terms – exclusivity, more traffic or even higher bid prices, then propose a direct deal using AppFlood’s messaging system.

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Multi-Dimension Analytics Platform

Discover how to perform better, not just how you performed.


Deeper insights give you the power to develop advanced distribution and monetization strategies for your apps. AppFlood analytics provides advanced data mining capabilities using a multi-dimension data cube model, enabling you to discover hidden opportunities for achieving greater ROI and generating more ad revenue.

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Ad Network Mediation


  • Connect to multiple demand side platforms with one SDK
  • Compare network performance from one dashboard
  • Compare eCPMs for the same app across different networks
  • Redistribute network traffic for higher eCPMs and revenues

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Native Ad Formats


AppFlood features a full range of highly customizable native ad formats that let publishers optimize placements for higher eCPMs and revenue while Advertisers benefit from higher CTRs and engaged users.

  • Interstitials (Full Screen)
  • More Games Menu
  • App Lists
  • Icon Ads
  • Notification
  • Custom Integration

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