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China RTB

The Chinese mobile ad boom

Last year Chinese advertisers increased their mobile advertising budgets by 151% between March and September and spent more on mobile ads globally than U.S developers did. They are also increasingly looking to RTB, which took up just 0.3% of the Chinese display ad market in 2012 but is expected to reach 3-5% in 2014 (link in Chinese) and by 2017 is expected to be worth $780 million.

One in three smartphones shipped globally in 2013 were in China. For a global reach, China cannot be ignored.

Instantly delivering ads from China to the world

Ad delivery speed between China and the West can be a problem, but AppFlood has solved this issue through a unique cooperation with Amazon Web Services's DynamoDB.

AWS logo “DynamoDB’s great performance and extremely low latency help PapayaMobile to deliver mobile ads quickly and globally"
- Alex Yung, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director, AWS China.

The first mobile ad exchange and DSP from China

The AppFlood DSP delivers top Chinese and global ads

AppFlood is open to new SSP partners. Access mobile ad inventory from around the world and tap into the growing Chinese market for global users.

We ensure that your publishers get the highest possible bid for each impression, and our one-of-a-kind cooperation with Amazon Web Services means the ads will be delivered instantly without any of the problems navigating China causes for other DSPs.

DSP advertisers reach ideal users through the AppFlood SSP

We are also looking to connect with new DSP partners. The AppFlood Ad Exchange collects demographic and usage information about each user to ensure that your advertisers get the targeted impressions they want.

AppFlood’s ad formats include rich media and video ads for maximum engagement and are completely customizable.

How AppFlood's mobile RTB platform works

Brands connect with a global mobile audience

brand peopleThe right audience. Real-time bidding lets the advertiser pay for their ideal audience, not just their ideal ad location. Each impression is bid on separately based on the available data about the user’s demographics and usage. This allows brands to hone in on the audience segments that perform the best, and the automation of bidding frees up the brand manager to concentrate more on strategy or creativity.

Easy to join. AppFlood RTB isn’t limited to big brands though. Any mobile advertiser who joins AppFlood and sets up a CPM campaign through the dashboard will automatically use our DSP platform to connect with publishers.

Publishers earn more. AppFlood publishers can maximize their revenue through RTB by integrating AppFlood SDK 2.2 or above and accepting CPM campaigns. The RTB platform will ensure the publisher always gets the highest bid available.

Top features of AppFlood RTB

  • Connections to other top RTB platforms in China and abroad such as OpenX and AdsMogo.
  • Close relationships to local Chinese companies with rapidly increasing global budgets.
  • Advanced targeting and programmatic buying solutions.
  • Rich media and video ads.
  • Anti-malware detection services.
  • The ability for advertisers to buy or sell RTB traffic from a single dashboard without any technical integrations.
  • Fast ad delivery from China provided in a unique cooperation with Amazon Web Services.

  • Integrating with AppFlood RTB

    AppFlood uses OpenRTB 2.1 standards. Get started by downloading the integration guide here.

    Want to partner with AppFlood?

    We are open to new DSP and SSP partners. In the U.S. contact fernando@papayamobile.com and in Europe contact chrishanage@papayamobile.com for more information.