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App Monetization Guides, Tips and Strategies

 From our experience as an ad network and as app developers ourselves, we’ve learned a lot about how to successfully make money with apps. This is a collection of all our best resources to help you optimize your monetization.

The basics

Tips and optimization strategy

Ad formats

Using AppFlood’s analytics and control features

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The basics

What is“eCPM”and what's there to know about this metric?

Learn the definition of eCPM and how to calculate it. It’s a very useful metric for measuring app performance, but it can also be misleading. Read More

Fill rate
What is a fill rate in mobile advertising?

Find out how to calculate your fill rate and why it’s important. Plus, learn what problems might cause a poor fill rate. Read More

What is an average mobile ad click-through rate?

Learn how to calculate your apps’ CTR and why the metric is useful. Bonus: AppFlood’s average CTRs broken down by ad format. Read More

What is the average mobile ad install rate for Android and iOS?

This article covers how to calculate your IR and breaks down AppFlood’s install rates based on the ad formats used. Read More

How to calculate mobile advertising revenue

You will always be able to see your revenue on the AppFlood dashboard, but this article teaches you about the different factors that may affect your earnings. Read More


Tips and optimization strategy

Monetization Mistakes7 mobile app monetization mistakes to avoid

We’ve helped hundreds of app developers with their app monetization strategies but we’re surprised how often even the basics are misunderstood. Here we divulge the 7 most common mistakes developers make. Read More

Higher eCPMs
10 great ways to maximize app eCPMs and revenue

Your app may not be reaching its full monetization potential. Here are 10 simple ways to optimize your efforts and make more money. Read More

10 reasons why your mobile app eCPM is decreasing

If you've noticed your eCPM making a sudden downward turn, don't be alarmed! We have some suggestions for troubleshooting your monetization efforts. Read More

40 iOS and Android mobile monetization strategies for app developers

Forty great suggestions for making money with your app. Learn about forming mobile partnerships, promoting your app on social media, converting new users into lifetime paying users, and much more.Read More


5 tips to make more money with mobile ads in 2013 before the New Year

This article gives you tips on making money before the end of the year - or any time!Read More

Ad formats

Why developers use interstitial ads to monetize iOS and Android apps

The ideal ad integration will be different for each app. That being said, there is one ad format we tend to recommend more than the others thanks to the revenue it can bring in. Read More

Battle of the ad formats: List ads or Panel ads?

List ads and panel ads are both high performing ad formats on AppFlood, but which is better? This article answers that question for each campaign type (CPI, CPC, and CPM) by looking at eCPMs, impressions, CTRs, IRs, and earnings. Read More

Using AppFlood’s analytics and control features

Allocating traffic and blocking advertisers

As a publisher on AppFlood, you are in control of how you allocate your traffic. Learn how to find out how each ad is performing in your app and optimize your allocation settings to earn the most money. Read More

AppFlood Analytics: Low Fill Rate/Bid/eCPM

If your fill rate is not as high as you expected, you can use AppFlood’s analytics and control features to find out why and fix the problem. Read More

AppFlood Analytics: Comparing Networks

AppFlood features ad network mediation. This article shows you how to compare your app revenue across multiple networks so you can allocate more traffic to the sources of the highest performing ads, or block the ones that don’t perform well. Read More