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All about exchanging


What is exchange?

Exchanging means you are both publishing (promoting other apps in your app) and advertising (running campaigns for your app in other developers' apps). As an exchanger you can acquire users for free in exchange for providing users to other apps. Since you are both a buyer and a seller, you can take advantage of the full range of advertiser and publisher controls available on AppFlood.


How do I sign up to exchange?

When you add your app to AppFlood, you will start from either the Publishing menu or Advertising menu. To make sure you are signed up for both advertising and publishing, just select I want to exchange traffic on the General Information step. 


exchanger selection


Do I have to add money to my account to be an exchanger?

Not at all! You will need some money in your account to run your campaigns, but you can earn this by publishing for a while before you turn on your ads. 

You can set up your campaigns and add creatives at any time after you add your app. Then go to the Advertising menu and choose Analytics and Control. On the lower part of the page will be all of your advertising (or exchanging) apps. Click the name of an app to see a list of your campaigns. If you don't have enough money in your account you won't be able to turn it on and there will be a message like this:


campaign - no money


Luckily, your app will start to show AppFlood ads (publish) as soon as you integrate the SDK and get it uploaded to Google Play or the App Store, so you can start earning money. Check the upper right corner of the dashboard to see your Dollars Remaining. 

When you have some money to work with, just go back to the Analytics and Control page and turn on your campaigns. 


campaigns turned on